April Monthly Meeting Included Special Guests – Just In Time For The MassGOP Gubernatorial Convention

April 24, 2018 Dudley RTC Meeting with Special Guests : Mrs Jean Kingston - Fred and Kristy Smerlas

The Dudley RTC would like to thank Special Guest Mrs Jean Kingston for attending our April 24th meeting. It was wonderful hearing about John’s life from her perspective, and how her family stands behind this new chapter of their lives. She believes he is the best candidate to defeat Senator Warren, because he has a passion for people and wants to work to get things done in Washington without becoming the issues. He has worked with many diverse people and groups and will use his life experiences to ensure the people of MA have a voice in Washington DC. She thanked the committee for the opportunity to speak and asked us to support John at the MassGOP Gubernatorial¬† Convention.

The Dudley RTC would also like to thank Special Guests Fred and Kristy Smerlas for attending our April 24th meeting. They appeared on behalf of the Geoff Diehl for US senate Campaign.¬† They are very excited to help Geoff become the next MA US Senator. They spoke about his accomplishments, working with the Trump for President Campaign, and all the successes he’s had getting bipartisan support to save the MA taxpayers money. They believe that Geoff is the best candidate because no-one has worked harder for the people, and will continue with the same effort once elected.¬† Unlike Senator Warren, who likes to lecture, Geoff is a good listener who hears what the people say, then works on their behalf. Kristy and Fred thanked us for the opportunity to speak on Geoff’s behalf and asked us to support him at the MassGOP Gubernatorial Convention.

This was a great meeting because we have many good candidates to choose from, and it will make the Convention more enjoyable with all the important information shared with us from these special guests. We are very thankful for their contributions during this very busy time. The Dudley RTC wishes all the candidates good fortune at the Convention, as we prepare for the upcoming primary and general election.