At The Dudley Grange #163 11th Annual Apple Festival

This year the Apple Festival was not the same as previous years due to the Grange lacking members and having mechanical issues. They decided to forego the usual Apple Crisp, and rely on the vendors and their food shack to earn money for their annual scholarships. Despite the low turn out, the Apple Festival was part of a growing event at the Black Tavern : The Annual Craft Fair. The weather was cool and overcast, perfect for chili. The Dudley Republican party has been serving chili since 2011 and this year we had a great group of people serving up hot chili to some disappointed Apple festival attendees hoping for some apple crisp……We had a good time, and provided solace and a nice warm bowl to many people making this our second best year……. We were able to raise $75.00 for the Grange, and we hope to do even better next year! The group that we have always does a wonderful job setting up, making the booth look great, and cleaning up at the end of the day…… Thanks to the Grange for inviting us, we always enjoy making chili and sharing it with everyone!